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2014-07-27 14:17

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About us

Credit Diamond is a daughter company of Zerno Kft.

Credit Diamond webshop is a virtual shop of jewelry, where anyone will find something beautiful on any occasion without rush. We provide our customers with fast service and wide selection of products, such as diamonds, gold jewelry, coins, as well as customised pieces that are created according to your taste, with precious and/or half precious stones.

Most of out products are created by Hungarian jewelers and are handmade. The pictures of each product are real and are copywrited by Credit Diamond (Zerno Kft), however, due to special photography lighting, 5% difference in reality is allowed. 

We give a Credit Diamond certificate with every gold product you buy from our webshop. In case you would like an independent certificate, please contact us, and we will do our best for an additional fee.

Some of our diamonds are sold with original GIA certificate that doesn't require an additional independent opinion as GIA is known and recongnized worldwide.


Győrffy István utca 1/a, 1089 Budapest (3rd door bell)

+36 30 / 77 32 32 5